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Installers, Locksmiths & Window– It’s time to take on Maintenance & Repair Work!

Eurocell now has a full range of core maintenance& repair products available instore to grab and go. The PVC-u maintenance& repair sector is a rapidly expanding and highly lucrative industry.Installers like you are beginning to take advantage of the numerous benefitsthat maintenance & repair work has to offer.    

Whatare the benefits?

•    Repair work is financially lucrative.
•    Most jobs are easy to complete and can be finished within minutes.
•    Numerous upsell and cross sell opportunities.
•    Helps to provide repeat business through word of mouth.
•    Fills spare time in diary between larger installation jobs.
•    Jobs can picked up off the back of standard installations.
•    Replacement parts are quick and easy to source from your local Eurocell branch or via the Eurocell Hardware website.
•    Eurocell Hardware catalogue available with 3000+ products.

Whatare the typical maintenance and repair jobs?

•    Repairing or replacing PVC-u multipoint door locks.
•    Repairing or replacing PVC-u espag or cockspur window handles.
•    Replacing or upgrading PVC-u door handles.
•    Replacing or upgrading PVC-u euro cylinder locks.
•    Repairing or replacing PVC-u window friction hinges.
•    Upgrading or retrofitting security products.

The new Eurocell Hardware catalogue contains over 3,000 line items, including up to 200 multi point door locks. For that reason, now is the time for you to take on Maintenance and Repair work and start enjoying the benefits!

  • Jul 18, 2017
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